Born in Barcelona, ​​I have a degree in Philosophy, which helped me to have a critical vision of my environment and to have the desire to understand behind appearances. At the same time, I began to study Photography.

In my early days, I worked in a press agency where I enjoyed fast and bold photography. With the desire to contribute to social transformation, I also developed my professional career in the international cooperation sector, where I worked in various NGOs in Spain and the UK. Thanks to this background, I have a good knowledge of the fight for human rights, and especially for the rights of women, that is taking place in different countries. This has allowed me to elaborate and integrate a discourse from a rights based approach, not victimizer, but from the dignity that the transformative struggle creates. Since 2018 I am President of the SUDS Association – Internationalism, Solidarity and Feminisms.

The combination of my experience in the field of international cooperation, the struggle for human rights, having lived in different countries and finally the passion for photography, all these are elements that make up my vision of the world. I do documentary photography reports and I also carry out photovoice workshops.

My latest reports are Against forgetfulness – on the Palestinian community in the diaspora-; Breaking the silence -on processes of healing of indigenous Mayan women-, Defenders of the body territory – on the struggle of indigenous women from Honduras and Guatemala against transnational companies that plunder natural resources; Women in resistance in Palestine – on survival strategies by women in the context of occupation.

I have won several international awards such as the 1st prize from POY LATAM, in the Every day life category (2021); Photography 4 Humanity (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights); International Photography Grant; PhotoFuniber International; Mediterranean Women’s Fund Prize.

I have participated in a group exhibition in New York (UN headquarters), and my exhibitions Breaking the silence and Defenders of the body-territory have toured more than 25 rooms in Spain.

I have published in 6 Mois magazine (France), Il Reportage (Italy), Mo * (Belgium), Documagazine (Finland).