Born in Barcelona, ​​I have a degree in Philosophy and I studied Photography. In my beginnings I worked in press agencies.

With the desire to contribute to social transformation, I have also developed my professional career in the field of development cooperation, where I worked in various NGOs in Barcelona and in England. Thanks to this background, I have a good knowledge of the fight for human rights, and especially for the rights of women. This has allowed me to develop and integrate a discourse from a rights based approach, not victimizing, but from the dignity that the transformational struggle creates. Since 2018 I am the President of the Association SUDS- Internationalism, Solidarity and Feminisms.

The combination of my experience in the field of international cooperation, the struggle for human rights, and finally the passion for photography, all these are the elements that make up my vision of the world.

Recognitions for the last years (2017-2020):


  • PHotoFUNIBER- 2020
  • Photography 4 Humanity (High Commissionser of Human Rights of United Nations)- 2019
  • International Photography Grant- Nominee – 2019
  • Mediterranean Women’s Fund Prize -2019
  • Joan Cabanas Award-2019
  • Call for art and exhibition projecte – St Cugat- 2018
  • Dolors Porredón  Award- 2019
  • Nemo Art -2018
  • Blipoint Mulafest -2018

OWN EXHIBITIONS (2017-2019):

  • “Defensoras” (“Defenders”) at:
    • DocField International Documentary Photography Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
    • XIV Forum against gender violence (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 7 different cities (Spain)
  • “Reconeix La Floresta” open-air exhibition in St. Cugat (Spain)



Five exhibitions shown in eight different locations:

  • “The emerging body”
  • “Focused”
  • “Diverse women in the world”
  • “Fragments”
  • “Talking about identity”