One of the pillars of the Zionist discourse is the presence’s denial of the Palestinian people on their own land. The slogan “a land without people for a people without land” is the emblematic example of the Zionist dissociation of the reality, to justify the colonization and the appropriation of Palestine.

Consequently, ​​erasing the existence of the Palestinian people in Palestine has become a strategic pillar in the history of the State of Israel. Archaeological robbery on a large scale, destruction of villages and houses, confiscation of official Palestinian documentation, letters, documents and intimate photographs of Palestinian families, with the intention of removing the evidence of the native people.

In this context, the need for representation by the Palestinians is an exercise of legitimacy of their own existence, a way of becoming tangible and real at the same time. Photography emerges as an undeniable statement of existence.

Members of the Palestinian community in diaspora in Spain have opened their homes, their family photo albums, their stored administrative documentation and other objects with a strong historical burden. They have explained how they experienced the Nakba, how they had to flee with what they were wearing, how the Palestinian women had and have to face a double occupation -their territory and their bodies-, how the Palestinian people are resisting and confronting the occupying force.

This photo report relates the historical memory of these Palestinians, highlighting the documentation and personal belongings that anchor them to their territory.