Sexual harassment occurs everywhere. It is just part of the structural violence against women that exists in our patriarchal society.

During the celebration of popular festivities, a fun atmosphere accompanied by alcohol and drugs can create a favorable scenario for some men to harass women and girls and fulfil their egocentric desires, without facing social disapproval or legal penalties.

Without fear of being rebuffed, some men wear badges and shirts with texts that explicitly humiliate women, and in some cases even advocate violence against them.

This report seeks to capture the changes that are taking place in Spanish society. Women have long argued “Enough” and have highlighted how such behaviors are part of a pyramid of physical, institutional and symbolic violence against women. Today we are many and we are aware.

Women will stand up and face machismo. In mass demonstrations, or by writing on our own bodies, we will demonstrate that we will not tolerate any further aggression. Will you join us?