Life in Palestine is to every day resist in a hostile, highly militarized environment, with serious constraints on people’s mobility and economic and political development. Yet, the Palestinian population continues to resist.

In this context, Palestinian women have developed diverse strategies, not only for development, but also for social transformation.

We highlight three different strategies, one based on political struggle, another on economic struggle, and the last on geographical resistance:

Women have been training in leadership to express their voices in the local councils of their own municipalities. Palestinian legislation requires that women constitute a minimum of 20% on local councils, yet their opinions are often ignored, simply because they are women.

Women who organise themselves in cooperatives to generate economic income often assume a new family role in the absence of their husband’s economic income, many being unemployed or even imprisoned. They launch initiatives such as the production and marketing of jams,

Palestinian people say “Resistance is existance”. We show their resistance, such as the old city of Hebron and strategic  hills. These women receive daily harassment to leave their homes, like cuts to their water and electricity supply as well as physical attacks.

Faced with an entrenched and seemingly hopeless situation, we want to give voice to those who fight through their resistance, with dignity and determination.